Analyst Who Knows Every Step of Bitcoin: They Are Losing! We’re Going To These Soles

Famous analyst and trader Peter Brandt has once again trolled the “laser eye” movement of the Bitcoin (BTC) community. The analyst asked individuals who believed that BTC would go to $100,000 “who believed it was going to go to waste right now?” she asked. Names such as Michael Saylor and John Bollinger reacted to Brandt’s tweet. Here are the details…

Peter Brandt addresses “laser-eyed” Bitcoin supporters: Critics respond

Veteran trader Peter Brandt addressed people with “laser eyes” in their Twitter profile photo in a tweet on Friday. He wondered if anyone at random expected all purchases in 2021 to be wasted by this time. “Okay, let’s be honest,” he tweeted. “How many people who added laser eye to their Twitter profile picture in 2021 believed that what they bought all year would now go to waste?” she asked.

Following the tweet, Brandt admits that he himself did not believe at the time that the asset would trade below $20,000 again. Not surprisingly, Brandt’s harsh tweets received mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community on Twitter. For example, John Bollinger, a seasoned trader and technical analysis contributor, explained that Brandt’s comments were somewhat harsh. Because, according to the analyst, people develop not by being scolded, but by learning from their mistakes.

In this middle, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy stated that laser eyes are based on the ethical, technical and economic value proposition. He argued that it represents a long-term belief in Bitcoin. Also, the Bitcoin evangelist said that other major financial assets are currently on the decline.

How did “laser eyes” come about?

The iconic symbolism was created in February 2021 by a Bitcoin member known simply as CHAIRFORCE. In particular, CHAIRFORCE and his friends came up with the hashtag Bitcoin #LaserRayUntil100K. This hashtag was opened with the start of excitement that $100,000 will be seen once BTC crosses the $50,000 price point. However, Chairforce’s tweet in response to what Michael Saylor said above shows that there is actually no deep intention behind the trend.

Brandt’s BTC comment

It is worth noting that Bitcoin is now unable to surpass the $100,000 price point. However, the asset remained constrained by increasingly complex macroeconomic conditions that put investors at risk. Brandt expressed his belief that Bitcoin could drop to $12,000. Koindeks.comAs we reported, Brandt truthfully claimed the price action of BTC in June.

The seasoned trader is a long-term bull and Bitcoin owner. But he continued to warn that the leading entity has as much chance of going to zero as of going to the moon. According to Brandt, “human creativity” is very likely to provide something in the future that surpasses Bitcoin and renders the asset obsolete in the future.

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