Analyst Who Knows Bitcoin Drops: Prepare For These Levels!

The analyst, who is known for assuming the crypto market crash in 2022, shared his new comments. Crypto Capo predicts a new “flash crash” in the crypto market. The main cryptocurrency that the analyst expects to drop is Bitcoin (BTC). However, altcoins predict another “pump”, that is, a price increase. Here are the details…

Crypto Capo evaluated the possibilities in Bitcoin price

The pseudonymous crypto trader known as Capo shared his new comments with his 565,900 Twitter followers. He showed his new plans for BTC, the largest cryptocurrency. Going into detail with his chart for BTC, Capo is consolidating around $21,500 of the largest cryptocurrency. However, it is worth noting that currently BTC has failed to surpass $21,000. Koindeks.comAs we have also reported, the coin, which maintained the levels above $ 21,500 the other day, did not exceed $ 21,000 and fell below $ 21,500.

According to the analyst, if BTC rises above $21,500, it will consolidate around $23,000 before reaching the $24,000-25,000 levels. However, if BTC breaks below $21,500, Capo sees it as bearish confirmation. According to the analyst, if the bear hypothesis is confirmed, Capo predicts the largest crypto by market cap to drop to $13,725 by the end of the year. Such a collapse would indicate a 33 percent drop from the current price of BTC.

Capo sees bullish for shitcoins

As for Bitcoin’s slight rise over the past day, Capo doesn’t expect the biggest cryptocurrency to rise much higher than current levels in the short term. Noting that this movement seems to be “pre-supply”, the analyst still expects a distribution to occur in the middle of $ 20,500 to $ 21,200. He predicts this will occur especially on charts that point to short time frames. Bitcoin is changing hands at $20,203 at the time of writing, down 2%. The coin, which has a market value of $ 387 billion, has managed to experience an increase of 6.2% in the last seven days.

Finally, Capo is turning their attention to a niche altcoin category that is often overlooked. He talks about “shitcoins,” a broad subcategory of crypto. It predicts an existing and subsequent “pump” for this category. The term Shitcoin represents a cryptocurrency with little or no cost. Finally, it is worth mentioning Capo’s previous claims. Capo often predicts price drops for real. In recent months, the analyst said that BTC could return to a 22-month low of $ 16,000. Capo claimed the drop to $50,000 in BTC last year. Previously, he had accurately predicted the $3,500 level.

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