Analyst Predicting Bitcoin Drops: These 3 Altcoins Will Crash!

An analyst, who has recently come to the fore with real Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin invitations, made new statements. Expert name Crypto Capo; DOGE addressed the owners of HT and MATIC. Here are the details…

Bitcoin analyst gives levels to watch for 3 coins

Crypto Capo has made a new cryptocurrency analysis. In his analysis, he included three altcoins. He first mentioned Dogecoin (DOGE), the biggest chest coin. He explained what would happen if the leading bust coin’s $0.15 foothold turned into resistance. The analyst says that after such a change, DOGE will lose about 90 percent of its value. In addition, Capo shares a chart showing that DOGE does not have reinforcements in the large timeframe until it reaches its $0.01 target.

On the other hand, the crypto strategist touched on the price action of the layer-2 scaling analysis Polygon (MATIC). According to Capo, MATIC is probably on its way to failing to surpass the $1.24 resistance. If this level is not exceeded, the coin is preparing for a collapse of 68.75 percent. Capo states that MATIC is not a random foothold until it drops to $0.30.

Finally, Capo drew attention to Huobi Token (HT), the token of crypto exchange Huobi. Compared to Capo, HT’s graph fell below its diagonal support. Subsequently, the horizontal reinforcement of $10 turned into a resistance level. Therefore, it is currently showing bearish signs. Capo even shared the HT chart, saying, “The HT chart looks awful.” Looking at the analyst’s chart, he predicts HT will drop to $0.88.

Big capitulation expectation in the crypto money market

As for the crypto markets in general, Capo says he expects a brutal echelon of capitulation, where altcoins lose an average of 40-50 percent of their value. He also says that another step for Bitcoin (BTC) is near. He states that the $14,000 level in Bitcoin will come sooner than we expected. As it is known, Capo is one of the analysts who announced that he expects a decrease in BTC. In particular, the bankruptcy of FTX, one of the major exchanges in the crypto space, has caused a decline in the market.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has recorded lows it hasn’t seen in two years. At the time of writing, BTC is changing hands at $ 16,500. So Crypto Capo thinks that the possibility of BTC falling another $2,000 is high.

He had many claims As we have also reported, Crypto Capo is widely followed for its predictions of truth for the cryptocurrency market. He particularly stood out this year for claiming the cryptocurrency crash in June was true. That’s why Capo’s assumptions are eagerly awaited, especially lately, with the bearish wave. Previously, the analyst predicted that BTC would drop to $50,000 in 2021. In addition, about three years ago, he knew the fall in BTC to $ 3,500 correctly.

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