Analyst: My Biggest Bag is in ADA and These 2 Altcoins! they will win

A popular Youtube analyst accuses the former SEC leader of taking bribes to make ETH a commodity. In discussions where XRP, ADA and ETH are mentioned, he said he did not differentiate between these three.

BitBoy says ADA and these 2 altcoin projects will win

In the midst of the SEC and Ripple lawsuit, new charges against the regulator have surfaced. Ben Armstrong, a former crypto analyst, criticized former SEC Administrator William Hinman in his tweet on Oct. 9, accusing him of taking a bribe to declare Ethereum (ETH) a commodity. According to the analyst, “William Hinman has never accepted the bribe”. However, 3 cryptos refuse to choose amid analyst ADA, XRP and ETH. Instead, he says they’ll all win:

…My 3 biggest assets are XRP, ADA and ETH and I refuse to take sides. All will win.

“There is a need for more regulatory clarity”

With these accusations, Armstrong cited comments from Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who had previously addressed the issue in a series of tweets. Alongside his gluttons, he stated that Ripple should focus on the discussion for better regulatory clarity rather than suggesting that the SEC was bribed to turn a blind eye to Ethereum:

Analyzing the corruption theses seems to imply that Ethereum should also be sued by the SEC, but not because of ties. But how does this randomly solve the issue of cryptocurrencies being forced into a meaningless framework?

SEC tries to hide Hinman’s statements about ETH

In the middle, a judge in the SEC-Ripple case rejected the SEC’s attempt to withhold the Hinman papers. These documents contain William Hinman’s speech on a hill in 2018. The former SEC official says that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities in his statements at that time.

Elsewhere, Armstrong is busy with a case against Youtuber ‘Atozy’. BitBoy analyst, Youtuber Erling Mengshoel, is suing ‘Atozy’ for defamation. The analyst says that towards Mengshoel, he “milked for a quick buck rather than giving his audience real advice.” He even sued Erling Mengshoel in the US District Court for libel. In another case you follow on , the SEC sued Kim Kardashian for marketing Ethereum Max (EMAX). New York resident Ryan Huegerich and other plaintiffs have filed a class action suit in California district court against Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Paul Pierce for marketing Ethereum Max (EMAX), according to one lawsuit.

EMAX was introduced in June in a post where Kardashian asked her Instagram followers:

Interested in crypto???? This is not financial advice, I’m just sharing what my friends told me about the Ethereum Max token!”

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