Analyst Bombs: These 6 Altcoins Can Do 50x!

Generally speaking, investors want to create the best portfolio in the world. It monitors cryptocurrencies that perform well even in a bear market while balancing risk and return. Altcoin Buzz analyst Stu L., who has been doing portfolio research on these efforts, shared altcoins that “could increase the crypto portfolio 50 times”. Here are the details…

The top two altcoins on the analyst’s list: BNB and MATIC

The analyst says that 15 percent of his portfolio consists of BNB. He points out that behind this is a bet on Binance’s continued success. It points to coin burns that reduce the overall supply in BNB. Currently, 165 million BNB tokens will be reduced to 100 million. “This is their stated goal and we think they will get there,” the analyst says. As we reported, BNB burned almost 2 million BNB last quarter. “They are on their way to burning a little over 2 million this quarter,” the analyst says, adding that “I love deflationary tokens.”

The second cryptocurrency on the analyst’s list is Polygon (MATIC), which makes up 12 percent of his portfolio. According to the analyst, Polygon “has the best fit of Ethereum” with app access. Apart from that, it enables us to take advantage of layer-2’s low prices, high speed and zero-knowledge proof technologies. In addition, MATIC is 4 times away from its all-time high. “The idea that a project this big could do 10x or 50x is pretty reasonable to us,” he says.

Stablecoins are also on the analyst’s list

The analyst stated that he also bought from Bitcoin, covering 62 percent of his portfolio so far. He stated that he was also happy with this concentration. However, he stated that he keeps about 10 percent of stablecoins in his portfolio to be prepared when new opportunities present themselves. He said he continues to stake, save and earn interest with stablecoins during this time.

GRT, DOT and AVAX: Other cryptocurrencies in the analyst’s portfolio

8 percent of the analyst’s portfolio consists of The Graph (GRT). Indexing and querying protocols for The Graph, Blockchain data, and APIs make it easy to build applications. To the analyst, GRT is number one in terms of dApps and Blockchain ecosystem development.

The analyst mentioned Polkadot while giving clues that he chose the leaders in the sector. While saying that 6 percent of his portfolio consists of Polkadot (DOT), he explained why he chose this Blockchain over the older Cosmos (ATOM) in the middle of layer-1 networks for the following reasons:

  • DOT has more time to get to where ATOM is now.
  • DOT uses crowdfunding, bond and parachain leases to constrain circulating supply and create long-term investors, which ATOM does not.

Finally, the analyst selects another altcoin from the layer-1 cluster: Avalanche (AVAX). The analyst says that this altcoin project makes up 5 percent of his portfolio. There are two reasons behind choosing Avalanche. The first is Avalanche’s “subnet” technology. The second is that it is one of the most beautiful branch-wide DeFi protocols in the ecosystem.

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