America is Ruining the World!

The issue that almost everyone agrees on is the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve. in interest rate hikes late… However, this work was done on purpose. Did you believe that the world’s most decent economists were that naive?

I went through all the American companies inflationused it as a curtain to raise prices and make record profits.

If you notice, the highest profitability increases of the last 50 years were experienced in 2021 and 2022. The world would pay the bill anyway…

Let’s go back a bit. Incredibly large money printed. There is not enough in return! What is the inevitable consequence of this? Inflation… It is about a wild animal. Because if you can tame it, it can work for you.

The world has come to the game!

Let’s take Turkey for example… Let’s talk about round numbers…

About 250 billion in deposits of banks dollarforeign in exchange money lies. Come on, $50 billion of that Euro,whether in sterling or even gold.

Assuming the remainder is in terms of $200 billion… Inflationwhat does it do? of money reduces purchasing power. 100 last year in dollarsWhile you can buy 1000 eggs from America, this year is exactly the same. With moneyYou can get 920 eggs.

America owes you as little as 80 eggs…

If 200 billion in Turkey dollarif it keeps… 8.2 percent per annum inflationIf we apply it today, 200 billion from last year. in dollarsbut 183.6 billion dollarwe can buy goods.

In this case America inflation16.4 billion to Turkey alone thanks to dollarhe secretly withholds taxes.

in reserves of the World Central Banks your coins65 percent dollarin… in hand dollarThe purchasing power of everyone who holds it is rasped and transferred to America.

This dollarreserve after pressing moneyBy the way, the income he earned by taking advantage of his being…

With money printing, there would be no poor country left!

How many people know seigniorage “What does it mean? In the literature, money referred to as the income from printing. in the easiest way of moneyIt is the difference between the production cost and the price written on it.

This difference enters the state’s coffers as income. Thus, the state can meet some of its expenditures without collecting taxes or borrowing. It earns money from the air.

your seigniorageits story is interesting… In the Middle Ages, in the regions where the king or the lord ruled, the highest office was called seigneur, “ seigniorageThe word “derived from there.

These jackals are spending moneywhen it is not enough, the cure is the existing gold in the treasury. coins He found it in melting, mixing as much molten iron with the molten gold and pouring it into molds again. So 100 gold, 200 gold for you?

When the situation is noticed, “disadjusted” money are marked as ‘. Indeed, this is the case today. moneyswe use for change” has been the starting point of the phrase.

The interesting thing is again your coinsIn the days when it was made of gold, a group of vigilantes got their hands on it. coinsIt collects the gold dust that is rasped from the edges and sprinkled on the ground, and new dust from the dust is collected. moneythey did. Moneyshrunk, but not many would wake up to work.

When they were disturbed by this situation, they managed to prevent the situation by ordering that the edges of the coins be printed with stripes. That day is broken today your coinsthe side is serrated.

The losers of the game…

As I explained, the active one inflationtax… The passive one is related to the growth of the country… When the economy grows moneydemand increases and money is printed. If the cost of every 100 lira banknote printed was 25 cents, here’s a profit of 99 liras and 75 cents! So seigniorage income…

Unrequited money If he succeeds, they will be counted as seigniorage income, but he will have a lump sum as well as a return. It disturbs the stability, you cannot recover it… It is a delicate work, it is not for everyone.

If you can’t balance, if you can’t keep the timing inflationincreases very rapidly. from moneyThe escape begins.

The European Union sets a very elegant example in this regard… euro’s dollarOne of the most valuable reasons for the collapse in the face of it is the bill of this indecision.

Those who decide are confused about what to do when a different voice comes out from every beginning. They’re right! Is the economy of Germany and the economy of Greece the same? Or the Netherlands and Italy… The dynamics of all countries are different… For all of them, just like if you follow the recipe, it is certain that some will flip over…

When it comes to Turkey, it is an original story in itself. interestdownloading as well moneyis printed as well inflation exploded… The most exciting scenario is unrivaled in its arm. Everyone is curious about the end of the movie.

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