Altcoins That Scream ‘Buy’: Dogecoin Is Also On The List!

Crypto expert Faisal Humayun recommends these tokens to long-term investors looking for a lot of profit. The expert notes that there are very few smart cryptos to buy at the moment. However, according to the expert, these tokens, including Dogecoin (DOGE), have strong risk-reward expectations. The expert explains why he chose cryptocurrencies and shares his expectations.

In the first place is the president crypto Bitcoin (BTC)

A random investor in cryptocurrencies might compare Bitcoin (BTC) to a blue-chip stock for a surge. Recently, the world’s most valuable digital asset has dropped to $ 15,700. However, with one measure of downside correction in the dollar, Bitcoin rallied as high as $17,000. It is worth noting that the next Bitcoin halvi will take place in the first half of 2024. Historically speaking, president crypto rose after the halving. This is a valuable catalyst for investors seeking more stable tokens with bullish potential in the near term.

Another positive catalyst that could raise the price of Bitcoin is increased institutional acceptance. Strong hands are about to accumulate this token at lower levels. As such, there’s a potentially huge comeback on the cards. Bitcoin’s finite supply is another valuable factor that the bulls continue to hold on to. Finally, individual adoption of Bitcoin is also growing steadily. A valuable indicator that investors are watching is its adoption amid large global companies that are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment technique.

In second place is a chest coin Dogecoin (DOGE)

If it wasn’t for Elon Musk, Dogecoin (DOGE) would probably still be a token in the dark. Tesla CEO promoted money as ‘people’s crypto’. Subsequently, As you follow, his tweets in favor of Dogecoin have triggered big rallies in the past. Dogecoin rose 47% last month as Elon Musk took control of Twitter. This rally is clearly due to speculation that Musk will make Dogecoin a segment of Twitter’s payments system. As usual, at eight cents, Dogecoin is still 88% below its all-time high.

However, if Elon continues to support Dogecoin, it could mean hefty profits in the token’s next rally. It’s also worth noting that Dogecoin has a strong community boost. Currently, the crypto has 4.4 million owners, with the top 50 holding 63.83% of the total DOGE supply. Dogecoin is therefore in strong hands. Even with the inflationary state of this token, it is possible that tight supply will lead to risky rallies in the future. Overall, Dogecoin seems well-sold. As this token gains wider acceptance as a form of payment, it is possible for Dogecoin to generate 200% to 300% returns over the next few years.

Leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is also on the list

It makes sense to invest in very large projects rather than speculative crypto projects. This is especially true when market sentiment is bearish as it has been recently. Ethereum (ETH) has been heavily in the news with its PoS transition via the Merge event. Investors were expecting a large upward movement in the price following the Merge. However, Ethereum has seen relatively synchronous processes with the broader crypto market.

However, this price action has provided investors with a great savings opportunity for Ethereum. Developments on this Blockchain will continue in 2023, with a focus on reducing the threats of centralization, Vitalik Buterin said. Additionally, the Shanghai upgrade of the network is expected to arrive in 2023. This will be the first major upgrade after Merge. In July 2022, Vitalik noted that after Merge, Ethereum development will be 55% complete. Therefore, there are positive things to look forward to in the coming quarters.

One risk is that developments regarding Ethereum’s roadmap are always behind schedule. However, even after subtracting this factor, it seems to be below Ethereum’s expense. He’s gearing up for hefty returns in the next big rally.

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