Algorand and 6 Coins Listed: Here are the Jewels of the Bear Market!

Algorand (ALGO), apart from being an altcoin, also has a document such as ISO 20022, which is an international standard. Quant (QNT) achieved this standard last March. Currently, there are few altcoin projects on the market that have achieved this.

Analysts say these ISO 20022-listed altcoin projects are gems

ISO 20022 is an international standard. All financial institutions have their own coding language. ISO 20022 combines them into a single language. Thus, it aims to make transfers between countries easier and more organized.

ISO 20022 is especially valuable for DLT (distributed ledger technology). Also, it actually supports the SWIFT and Federal Reserve standard. Therefore, ISO 20022 will be the framework for the new SWIFT platform for international payments. Currently Quant is one of the few Bockchains compliant with ISO 20022.

Quant entered the ISO-20022 cryptocurrency list in March 2022. Quant’s goal and mission is to connect blockchains. Thus, it offers its users an interoperable ecosystem. Also, according to the rumor, HSBC also uses Quant Network. If they announce it in 2022, this will likely be a bull catalyst for QNT.

Here are Algorand and other altcoins in the ISO 20022 list

  • Algorand
  • Ripple
  • XDC Network
  • Hedera
  • IOTA
  • stellar

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