Alert for DOGE and Ripple: Whales Empty Wallets!

Whale watching boats reveal massive whale processes surrounding DOGE and Ripple. Wallets that have been inactive for years are reviving in the last rally.

DOGE whale that has been sleeping since 2014 emptied its entire wallet

A Dogecoin wallet that has been dormant for more than eight years has moved 2.37 million Dogecoins worth $338,000, according to a November 2 tweet by whale watching bot Whale Alert. Alternatively, about an hour later, another tracking bot named Lookonchain verified the process. It revealed that the whale only paid less than $0.001 for this process.

According to BitInfoCharts data, the whale concerned accumulated DOGE from December 2013 to March 2014. The cost of the wallet, which he never touched, reached $326,401.43. The whale has now completely emptied its wallet in two processes at a total DOGE price of 356,285 and 2,018,529.44.

It is currently unknown whether 2.37 million DOGE have entered the exchanges. Some say this measure will be insufficient to lower the price. Dogecoin left behind a week where it rallied 150% after Elon Musk bought Twitter. As a result, it is not surprising to see that the whale prefers to sell for profit.

975.1 million XRP in action

Whale Alert reported in another tweet today that whales carried 975.1 million XRP in a short time. The largest transaction was 500 million XRP at the cost of $230.36 million going to an anonymous Ripple Escrow wallet.

The second largest transaction was the transfer of 300 million XRP ($138.56 million) from an anonymous wallet to Ripple. According to Whale Alert, 500 million XRP was quickly locked in β€œescrow” in the Ripple Escrow wallet, a feature that allows users to set conditional crypto payments. Additionally, 200 million XRP is also sealed as escrow in an anonymous wallet.

Whale Alert also reports that 54.23 million XRP ($25 million) flowed from anonymous wallets to Bitso. The information shows that a whale moved 60 million XRP ($28 million) from an anonymous wallet to Bitstamp. The one-to-one Bitstamp address sent 60.9 million XRP to an anonymous wallet 21 seconds after the transfer was completed. This process was $28.4 million on a price basis.

According to CMC information, XRP is currently trading at $ 0.4574. In recent developments from the lawsuit with the SEC, Coinbase has announced that it will support Ripple. Coinbase’s chief legal officer tweeted that the exchange has filed an appeal to Judge Torres to apply for an amicus curiae briefing. Koindeks.comSome of the analyzes we have quoted predict that the XRP price will rise to $ 0.50 as the legal battle ends.

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