After LUNA, CEL, FTX, Interests Are Growing for This Altcoin!

The crypto community is speculating about a repeat of the stablecoin crisis with the UST seven months ago. After LUNA, CEL, FTX, concerns are growing for some altcoin projects.

After LUNA, CEL and FTX, this altcoin is now in the middle of speculation

USDD, the stablecoin of Tron co-founded by Justin Sun, lost its dollar peg last Wednesday. On Twitter, @Lookonchain argued that $548 million of the $990 million in USDD’s reserve was lost. They demonstrated processes that proved that USDD founder Justin Sun transferred $550 million from stablecoin reserve to three different addresses for loan repayment.

Currently, only 442 million USDC tokens remain in total USDD reserves. $332 of this has already been distributed as credits. As a result, the total available funds in USDD are 139 million USDC and 14,040.6 Bitcoins.

However, as shown in the photo above, 99% of TRX tokens in USDD reserve remained stable. This means that the collateral ratio of the USDD stablecoin reserve is only 50%. In addition, Blockchain data shows that the USDD founder has withdrawn $170 million worth of stablecoins from Binance to Circle. In particular, USDD is trading at $0.9863 instead of the required $1 price.

According to reports, the UST algorithmic stablecoin tumbled to the dollar seven months ago after some bad actors created massive imbalances in a liquidity pool made up of the coin and three others. Later, UST’s sister cryptocurrency, LUNA, crashed from $119.18 to $0.00001675 in six weeks.

FTX bankruptcy precipitates USDD crisis As you follow, USDD price dropped below $1 in the midst of the FTX crash. In fact, USDD lost its stability after the whale wallet starting with 0x3f34 exchanged 4,495,446 USDD at $0.9935 for 4,466,269 USDT. A few hours later, another whale, 0x3155, traded 6,653,731 USDD for 6,519,662 USDC at $0.9799.

When USDD first started de-pegging, Tron founder Justin Sun thought it might be due to Alameda Research in the midst of the crisis selling its USDD reserves to grapple with the liquidity crisis in FTX.

Justin Sun carried $6M in stablecoin before FTX-Alameda bankruptcy

The Tron founder moved $6.1 million in stablecoins from TrueFi prior to the FTX-Alameda bankruptcy. Process data on Blockchain shows Sun withdrawing funds in four processes processed on Thursday:

  • 2.4 million USDT from the four available loan pools in the lending protocol;
  • 2.1 million USDC;
  • 1 million USD TUSD;
  • It carried 673,000 USD BUSD.

According to DefiLlama, TVL on TrueFi has hit recent lows as crypto borrowing appetite waned. It fell to $32 million from $544 million six months ago.

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