“A Crisis Is Coming” Latest Comments From Giant Gold Forecaster!

Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş made new posts about the market. The expert came to the fore with the recovery comments on gold and silver. Here are the details…

Gold and Money Markets Expert: The crisis is coming

Islam Memiş published a new image. He stated that $ 1,635 an ounce of gold indicates a critical value. He thinks that gold should hold above this level. He says pullbacks in the ounce gold price point to a 22 percent decline since March 2022. On the other hand, a 980 lira reinforcement in the gram price of gold indicates 1.038 lira resistance. The analyst says that he “always said yes” to buying gold under 1,000 lira. He believes that if ounce gold starts to recover, gram gold will also exhibit positive movements.

He shared his general economic outlook apart from gold. According to the expert, who says, “Such a chaos, an economic crisis is coming,” those who saw this and took precautions before and those who did not will emerge in a clear form. Pointing to the movements in France and Athens, Memiş says that “economic crises have turned into social chaos”. Noting that the purchasing power has decreased and poverty continues, he said that this is why people started to go out. He argues that uprisings will continue in Europe in November and December.

On the other hand, referring to the situation of the US dollar, the expert said that he expects to see a reaction in the dollar/TL parity with the CBRT’s interest rate cut to 10.50. However, he underlined that there was no such change. Finally, he said that the market is now in need of a new parable. He believes that the current “stale market” is left behind.

“It is harvest time”

In addition, conveying his expectations about silver, the analyst points to the levels of 18 dollars in the lower direction and 19 dollars in the upper direction in the price of an ounce of silver. He says rallies above $19 could be seen over the next week. According to the expert, who generally says that every drop is a buying opportunity, “now is the time to harvest”. Therefore, investors continue to collect. “We keep accumulating gold and silver as we get new money,” the expert tells his followers. He says that if the gold is 1.112 liras instead of 1.002 liras, one should not exchange gram gold coins.

He says he will not sell the gold without buying goods. He states that “when buying a house, buying a car” only barter is made. In addition, the expert also uses the words “we do not sell short-sell”. He states that he is on the side of buying and accumulating gold and silver. He states that he will make the investment in the land. He says that in 2023, land and land prices will be discussed. “We continue to make land and land purchases,” he says.

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