55 Experts: Ethereum at These Levels in December and 2023!

According to a new survey from Finder.com, 55 fintech and cryptocurrency experts predict that the Ethereum price will be lower next year.

Experts expect Ethereum price to close the year at $1,377

On October 11, artifact and price comparison site Finder.com published a new hypothesis survey about Ethereum. According to the results, 46% of panelists expect the ETH price to drop to $675 by the end of the year. They claimed that we could see a correction up to $963 in the short term. Panelists also predicted that ETH price will close 2022 at $1,377 after the base of $963 is reached. 31% of contributors think Ethereum is currently at the ideal price. 23% said that ETH is more than the price it deserves.

Here are the ETH price predictions for 2025 and 2030

Panelists expect ETH to reach $5,154 by 2025. Assumptions for 2030 extend to $11,727. In the midst of this, some experts have said that Ethereum will be closer to these levels by the end of the year. Thomson Reuters technologist Joseph Raczynski predicts that ETH will reach $1,700 by the end of 2022:

Ethereum price is still expensive and credible at low. In addition, it is much better in terms of environmental impact, it reduces electricity consumption by more than 99%.

SEBA Bank research lead Yves Longchamp believes Ethereum is pretty affordable right now. “The Ethereum ecosystem is undergoing a series of updates,” Longchamp wrote, adding:

All aim to drive the Ethereum network towards greater scalability, process speed and cost efficiency. Merge will build Ethereum as a global placement layer suitable for building powerful decentralized applications.

Experts say that while Ethereum gains points from environmentalists, it lacks decentralization

Boston Trading CFO Jeremy Britton detailed during the survey that while Ethereum scored with governments and environmentalists, the protocol “deprives the decentralization for which crypto is intended.” Tommy Honan, Swyftx’s strategic partnerships leader, also has a precedent view. Honan says the concentration of volatilers in the ETH network is worrying. He adds that this could give Bitcoin (BTC) an edge:

The early statistics on the concentration of staking volatiles are pretty heartbreaking, given that there are 5 or more based in the US. While I believe this will improve over time, the merge means that it contributes more to the centralization of another card, Ethereum, in order for Bitcoin maximalists to outperform their closest competitor.

However, 56% of Finder panelists do not think that Ethereum will ever be “monopolized by a single player.” 22 percent said a single player can monopolize the ETH network. Another 22 said they were “not sure” whether ETH would be managed by centralized entities in the future. Koindeks.com As you follow, Ethereum is currently trading at $1,212.44. It has lost more than 6% in value compared to the last 24 hours.

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