55 Experts: Bitcoin Could Be At These Levels In December And 2023!

A Finder panel, attended by 55 fintech and crypto experts, collects claims for Bitcoin for December and 2023 levels. The vast majority of experts are confident that Bitcoin will exceed $100,000 in the next decade.

55 experts shared their December price assumptions for Bitcoin

According to Finder’s survey, experts expect the price of Bitcoin to grow 11% more than its current level. In such a case, the BTC price will close the year 2022 around $21.344. However, this claim was different from the Finder panel before. At the panel in January 2022, experts said they saw BTC ending the year at $76,360. One of the conclusions we can draw from this is; Professionals lower the bar. However, they continue to maintain the 11% assumption this time around, as Bitcoin will still see upward momentum towards the end of the year.

Bitcoin 2025 and 2030 price predictions

In addition to 2022, the Finder panel collected price estimates from crypto experts for the years 2025 and 2030. These assumptions followed an upward trend, albeit below the previous expectations, in line with the panel’s bullish outlook. First, experts expect Bitcoin to trade at $79,000 in 2025. In April, that number was $179,000. They claimed $107,000 at the panel in July. The 2030 projections extend to $270,000. To put this in perspective, the panel has previously said that BTC will hit $314,000 in July and $420,000 in April.

Despite changing price claims, the report shows that 77% of experts on the panel still view Bitcoin as a store of value. One of the associates, EXMO CEO Serhii Zhdanov, says that the crypto winter is impermanent:

Fundamentally nothing has changed for Bitcoin, this is a global capital crisis and Bitcoin will be hit in the short term but will recover; There won’t be many other financial assets.

However, some experts are not so optimistic.

Lee Smales, a professor of finance at the University of Western Australia, is not very optimistic about the price of BTC in 2022. Smales sees further declines in the stock market and Bitcoin by the end of 2022. He also says:

BTC will attract more nasty criticism with the PoW model, as the ‘merge’ gives sufficient results.

On the other hand, Paul Levy, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, sees little change in Bitcoin price until December 2022. In contrast, he says, “it will likely experience steady growth in the long run.” The price target is $60,000 by 2025.

Is it time to buy, sell or hold BTC?

Many of the experts are split in the middle of buying (46%) and holding (44%) BTC. Only 10% believe it’s time to sell Bitcoin.

Koindeks.com As you follow, last week’s Finder panel had XRP in mind. Experts are generally of the opinion that the market will recover in the long term, although there is a downward trend in the short term.

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