55 Expert: Ripple (XRP) Can See These Crazy Levels!

55 crypto and fintech experts selected by Finder.com shared their price predictions for Ripple (XRP). Experts say that depending on the case, XRP will hit the top again by the end of 2025.

Here’s what levels Ripple (XRP) will be at if it wins the case

In the new survey, 55 crypto experts shared their predictions about the future value of XRP. Experts’ predictions depend entirely on whether Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC. For example, if Ripple wins the case, experts expect the XRP price to reach $3.81 by 2025. However, if Ripple loses the case, it will process around $ 0.98 on this date, according to experts. 48% of experts predict that if Ripple loses the case, it could drop below $0.50.

One of the attendees, Gate.io’s global public connections and connectivity leader Dion Guillaume, said he expects $2 by 2025 if Ripple wins the case. On the other hand, he assumes that if he loses, XRP will trade around $0.75. Guillaume summarized what would happen if the latest Finder wins in the claims survey:

On a positive outcome, Ripple’s XRP token could be listed on all exchanges that previously delisted it. In addition, Ripple will again build paid affiliates such as Moneygram, which will create excellence in its valuation.

What will happen after Ripple loses the case?

If the company loses the case, 43% of experts believe the company will move to a different jurisdiction. However, 26% of the experts did not agree with this idea. The remaining 31% weren’t sure about it. Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO of Unocoin Technologies, is one of the 43% that believe Ripple will simply take action if they lose the case. Vishwanath says that even if he loses the case, the XRP token will continue:

XRP has adequately responded to market-wide price movements and all the recent bull runs. Its average price even increased in March 2022. The outcome of the lawsuit will play a big role in defining XRP’s future price action. However, despite all the bad press, it showed that it can still improve.

Anton Altement thinks case outcome will be ‘ineffective’

Osom Finance CEO and co-founder do not think that the SEC litigation will have a big impact on the future price of XRP in the long run, unlike the short-term volatility that XRP may experience in the eventual outcome of the lawsuit:

While the outcome of the case will have an immediate impact on the price, it will generally be ineffective. Even if they lose and get fined, they will likely be able to negotiate reasonable payment terms. Still, the overall bullish situation is driven by more technology adoption than process costs (as the SEC case ultimately did), and so the outcome won’t be a make-or-break situation.

Koindeks.com As you follow, XRP is currently trading at $0.48607. It was 1.2% lower than in the last 24 hours.

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