4 Bomb Predictions For Ripple: XRP Plays To These Levels!

The XRP price has caught the attention, increasing its value by over 63% this week. The successful launch has moved XRP up one notch. Accordingly, the leading altcoin now ranks 6th in the cryptocurrency market. Ripple price, which rose to $0.55 this week, subsequently corrected by 17%. Accordingly, it is currently seeing the process at $ 0.49. So, will the bullish movement in XRP continue? 4 analysts shared their predictions.

“Ripple price ready to go higher”

Koindeks.com As we reported, alias analyst Altcoin Sherpa has listed bullish claims for Ripple price. According to him, the leading altcoin asset will rise to $0.60 from its current price of $0.49. After reaching this level, it will rise depending on breaking the $0.60 resistance. Sherpa predicts a rally to $0.87 for XRP if resistance is broken. This estimate means an increase of over 80% from the current price for the XRP price.

“XRP can yield huge returns in the future”

Jacob Bury, a crypto analyst at YouTube, says he doesn’t expect an ATH this year. The altcoin fell 17.25% after reaching $0.55. According to him, when the RSI entered the overbought zone at 80.77, a correction was inevitable. The analyst says that XRP has now lost its footing to the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level. Therefore, a drop to the next reinforcement trendline potentially at $0.44 awaits. However, he adds that in the long run, it will provide great returns during the market bull period.

“Follow this for Ripple price rise”

YouTuber crypto analyst Ben Armstrong explained the reason for the rise in Ripple price. According to him, the leading altcoin is rising for many reasons. However, the latest developments in the SEC case are the biggest reason for the rise. Armstrong says the SEC has given up on its quest to prove that cryptocurrency is a security. He also adds that other developments in favor of XRP in the case will support the rise. According to him, investors should follow the SEC case closely.

However, Armstrong also shared his assumptions about what would happen if Ripple lost the case. According to him, if Ripple loses the case, its activities in the US will not be banned. Instead, the company will simply be fined. Therefore, Armstrong thinks that even the worst scenario will not deal a huge blow to the current state of XRP.

XRP is out of downtrend, is $1 near?

Ripple price successfully exited its downside trade, which lasted about 528 days. Thus, XRP has become one of the most profitable assets in the bear market. But will this rise continue up to 1 dollar? This seems unlikely due to the current SEC litigation and market situation. However, if the market turns bullish and the SEC case ends in XRP’s favor, XRP is extremely likely to exceed $1. Even a new high above $1.81 in April 2021 is possible.

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