2 Names With Claims: Gram Gold Goes To These Levels!

As gold prices remain flat, investors are wondering about the pricey metal’s next breakthrough. In this article, we will convey the estimates of two experts for gram gold. Gold and Money Markets Specialist Islam Memiş and Economics Specialist Tunç Şatıroğlu predicts a rise in the price metal. Before we start the article, it is worth noting that gram gold is currently under 1,000 liras, at 989 liras. Here are the details…

Islam Memiş announced the next ones for gram gold, dollar

Koindeks.com As we have also reported, Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş, who has come to the fore with his real assumptions about gold in the past periods, conveyed his new expectations. Islam Memiş valued grams of gold, the dollar, the stock market, and the euro by first looking at numerical values. He stated that the stock market was above his expectations at 3553 points. He pointed out that the dollar/TL displayed a positive outlook. He stated that the valuable data for this asset is the US inflation data announced last week. He also pointed out that the risk of recession in the USA has increased significantly. He emphasized that the FED will continue to increase by 75 basis points.

According to the expert, these numerical costs show us the impasse in the global markets. He states that with the ounce price of silver and the decline in cryptocurrencies, the pressure has grown and the ounce price of gold has been pulled hard. He said gold came to $1,666 an ounce, invalidating “trap pricing”. Islam Memiş also pointed out that gold will be “suppressed”.

In his statements about the ounce price of gold, he pointed to the changes in the US Dollar Index (DXY). The declines in the index led to a rise in expensive metals. He states that he is following 1.008-1,014 liras in the free market under grams. It says it follows the band gap of 1.005 on the downside and 1.055 pounds on the upside. Lastly, İslam Memiş stated that the CBRT attaches importance to gold purchases. “I also care about Turkey’s attack on this issue. The accumulation of reserves in gold is a stock that will come in handy in 2023,” he added.

Tunç Şatıroğlu shared his gold prediction

On the other hand, economics expert Tunç Şatıroğlu conveyed his expectations regarding the precious metal. In addition to the assumption of expensive metal, the expert also conveyed how to act in the market. Şatıroğlu shared his prediction for gold in his latest post. He stated that he thinks gold investors will win with his social media account.

Şatıroğlu stated that the forecast for gram gold is at the level of 1.132 liras. Apart from this, Şatıroğlu shared his analysis of the stock markets and gave a warning. “Trying to make money with a few days’ trades is high-risk business, even with risk management. It is mostly preferred by people who do not know the basic analysis and do not want to learn it.

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