2 Analysts Are Playing To These 11 Altcoins: Could Do 100x!

In a recent tweet, Michaël van de Poppe shared which altcoin projects he would prefer for the coming months. However, another analyst has a completely different view with Poppe.

Van de Poppe picks 5 altcoins for the coming months

Michaël van de Poppe, one of the well-known Twitter analysts, shared which altcoins he will complete his portfolio with. Instead of Bitcoin (BTC), the analyst highlights Ethereum (ETH) and then some altcoins. In his November 1 tweet, Poppe shared 5 cryptocurrencies for his altcoin portfolio:

  1. Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Chalink (LINK)
  3. Cosmos (ATOM)
  4. BNB Coin (BNB)
  5. Chiliz (CHZ)

Another Twitter analyst criticized Poppe, recommending 6 altcoins instead

Poppe also ends his tweet by asking his followers which currencies they will add to their portfolios. In response to the question posted by Poppe, CryptoMocro, a crypto enthusiast, posted a different response. CryptoMocro stated that instead of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum and working for his employer, he is willing to lose all low-priced tokens or wait for a bull run to turn into capital. He used the following words in his tweet:

This is his portfolio that has made millions of dollars. Not for your followers. Rather than buy BTC, ETH, ATOM, BNB and continue working for my employer, I would rather lose all of the small-volume altcoins like KAS, VRA TRIAS, CHNG, XDB, RIO with the luck of x100-x1000 in the next rally.

Michaël van de Poppe also looks at historical data

Specifically, in a later Twitter post, Poppe states that the total crypto market cap could fall and then rise following the one-to-one trend since 2019. Relative to the trend, a small drop in total market capitalization was followed by an uptrend. He also states that if the aforementioned trend materializes, the next immediate-higher will be 1.2 trillion.

He also predicts that if the aforementioned trend is followed, BTC will reach $25,000. While Poppe is optimistic about BTC, it is not clear why he prefers ETH over BTC.

Is Bitcoin at the bottom?

According to Glassnode, the actual price of BTC is currently around $ 21,105. According to the report, a crypto’s Stable Price refers to the difference between the Realized Price and the Transferred Price. In essence, it calculates the difference between how much a coin is earned and how much is sold. The Stable Price of BTC is also currently around $16,513.

Glassnode also found that the price of BTC has been fluctuating in these ranges for about three months. However, compared to previous bear cycles where BTC was riding in these ranges mid-5.5 to 10 months, “this indicates that respite may remain a missing component in our current cycle,” he said. Koindeks.comAs you can follow, BTC price sees the process around $ 20,600 after a 75 basis point interest increase.

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